Jack Toby
"Being a Company Secretary & CFO is more than simply crunching the numbers"
CEO’s who have previously worked with Jack Toby have chosen to re-engage his services for their new ASX listed ventures, time and again.

Being a Company Secretary and CFO of an ASX listed company is more than simply ‘crunching numbers and filling out forms’. It’s understanding board processes, director's obligations and the financial and legal implications of board decisions and public statements. It's providing guidance to the Board. It’s balancing shareholders needs and board initiatives with an eye to compliance and director exposure to personal liability.


It takes constant care, focus and attention to detail to navigate the legal constraints and listing rules common to ASX listed companies. Boards require a CFO and Company secretary that will find a way to realise these business goals and company direction whilst safe guarding the CEO and business.


I have specialised in

  • Mining (both explorers and producers)

  • Oil & gas (both explorers and producers)

  • Technology



  • The successful implementation of back-door listings (Compliance with Chapters 1 & 2 of the ASX Listing Rules);

  • 30 years worth of capital raisings including prospectuses, rights issues and placements;

  • Skilled in complex organisational structures with overseas operations and subsidiaries in various jurisdictions;

  • Experienced in Joint Venture financial processes not only for a JV participant, but also for the JV manager and operator;

  • Management of company shareholder meetings including many as Chairman of the meeting;

  • Administered OTCQX and ADR securities listing in the US;

  • Managed an accounting department of over 40 people in a financial institution


My resume can be downloaded here:

Current and previous clients include:
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