The best way to avoid future problems is to get it right in the first place

The board of a listed company needs a Company Secretary and a CFO that it can trust. Trust to keep the company safe and the directors protected from personal liability. An experienced Company Secretary knows how to do this. The consequence of getting it wrong now, can come back to bite you weeks, months or years down the track and issues are much harder to fix after the event. It’s a lot easier, simpler and less costly to do it right the first place. Doing it right requires a mature eye over the company's activities and the boards accountability. The Board needs someone with a proven track record. 


Board Support’s Principal, Jack Toby with over 30 years, specialising in Mining, Oil & Gas, Technology and like industries as a CFO, Company Secretary and a Director, has the depth of understanding and capacity to solve these issues before they occur. With the knowledge and experience to find a way to realise your business goals and company direction while safe guarding you and the business.


Board Support focuses on;

  • Helping CEO's achieve their goals within ASX Listing Rules and corporate law constraints.

  • Dealing with the full spectrum of capital raising issues common to listed companies.

  • Dealing with the ASX, lawyers, auditors on issues common to listed companies thereby reducing fees and resolving problems, knowing when to stand firm and when to compromise.

  • Firm efficient financial control, board reporting, ASX announcements, accounting software and manipulation of financial data to provide answers to ad-hoc queries.